Auto Insurance

Selling or buying? Find out which insurance provider will give you the best value with your current vehicle(s).


Different Ways to Insure

Single Insurance Company

Have a captive agent guide you through the process.

  • Can work with your agent in-person
  • Good if you don't know what you need
  • Probably not the lowest rate
  • Could have savings if getting insurance outside of auto as well
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Independent Agent

Personal service, but can choose from many insurers.

  • More price and coverage flexibility than single insurers
  • More competitive rates, but may try to upsell you
  • Still get a personal agent
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Buy Direct

Great option if you know what coverage you need.

  • Very convenient; can do 100% online
  • Pressure-free experience
  • Need to have a good understanding of auto insurance
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Online Platforms

Check the insurance cost before choosing your next vehicle, or see how much you can save with another insurance provider.
  • The Zebra

    This is the best online comparison site we've found that let's you quickly compare insurance quotes from all of the top providers. It takes less than 5 minutes and explains everything as you go - it even estimates what your rates will be as you fill in the information so you can see exactly what is affecting them. Would highly recommend for anyone to try and see how much they can save, regardless of whether or not you just bought a new vehicle or are going to buy a new vehicle.