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Online qoutes that get you cash the fastest, inspectors that will come to you, and how to get the most if you sell it yourself.


Different Ways to Sell

Local Dealer


Go through one of these services to get the best offer from a local dealer.

  • Quick Offer
  • KBB Instant Cash Offer
  • Edmunds MyAppraise
Get Quick Offers

Used Car Startups


They inspect, guarantee a price, and list on their site. Usually take a commission of sale price.

  • Shift
  • TRED
  • CarLotz
Schedule an Inspection

Listing Sites


Sell it yourself. More work, but you can get the most if you know what you're doing.

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Autotrader
  • Blinker
Post your car for sale

Full Reviews of Services

Dealer Offer Programs

Quick, free, and a great place to start!
  •'s Quick Offer

    Quick Offer is the first service on our list because it's a great place to start once you've decided to sell your car. It's probably not going to be the best offer you could get since the offers are made by dealers, but they are bidding against each other so you at least know you're going to get a fair offer. And since it's hosted by, you know you can trust it. Quick Offer is our favorite of the dealer-consumer car-buying programs (see KBB's Instant Cash Offer and Edmund's MyAppraise reviews below).

    If you plan on selling yourself, this is a great way to get backstop offers to use as negotiating leverage, and who knows, sometimes their offers might surprise you. Plus, it's free, so we think it's well worth the 15 minute investment to have a few offers in hand. You can complete the Quick Offer form online (link below - then click "Get Cash Offers" button) or download the app, whichever is easier for you!


    • Convenient - 15 minutes online
    • Offer Amount - Competitive dealer offer
    • Coverage - Almost everywhere in the US
    • Timeline - Get cash in 1-2 days (sometimes same day)

  • Kelley Blue Book's Instant Cash Offer

    Instant Cash Offer has been around longer than Quick Offer and is very similar to it. The main difference is that KBB gives you a guaranteed offer (won't change as long as your vehicle is in the stated condition when you bring it in to the dealer) that is then redeemable at any of their participating dealers. This can be good if want to pick the dealer that you sell to (maybe they have a vehicle that you're interested in buying), but from our experience, you have a better chance of getting a high offer from Quick Offer when a particular dealer wants your specific vehicle.

    You never know what the offer will be until you try it, and Instant Cash Offer requires a very small time commitment as well, so it's definitely not a bad place to start to make sure you have an offer in your back pocket!

  • Edmund's MyAppraise

    From our experience, Edmunds values tend to be on the lower side in the industry (which is why dealers like to use them), and this is reflected in the offers you get through their version of the dealer-consumer car-buying program. Still not a bad option for a backstop offer, especially since you'll most likely be connected to different dealers than the other two programs, but if you're only going to submit your vehicle to one of these programs, we'd suggest starting with Quick Offer or Instant Cash Offer.

    If you use the link below, you have to answer the normal appraisal questions before you're able to get into the more detailed MyAppraise form, but the MyAppraise form is short and sweet, so don't be discouraged!

  • CarMax

    Of course, we can't ignore CarMax. If you have one near you, you should definitely stop by and get an offer. With CarMax, you know that you'll be treated well and get a fair offer, and it only takes 20-30 minutes, so you don't have anything to lose. No high-pressure sales tactics and letting you redeem the offer up to 7 days later are two things that make CarMax a must visit whenever you're selling your vehicle.

    There's a reason CarMax is so popular, so get directions to the nearest one using the button below!

Used Car Startups

Schedule an inspection, get your offer, and let them take it from there!
  • Shift

    Shift is a peer-to-peer marketplace that is designed to help sellers get more for their cars and help buyers pay less. By taking out the dealer, they're able to take out some of the transaction cost associated with the dealer. After they inspect your car and you agree to let them sell it for you, you don't get to keep driving your car while they sell it for you. The upside is that you can get more than the guaranteed offer - if they're able to sell it for more, then they split that amount with you.

    Shift is only available in California and Washington DC right now, so if you're in one of those areas and want someone to do all of the work of selling your car for you, then get an offer and see how much they'll get for you!

  • TRED

    TRED is similar to Shift, with the main difference being that you do get to keep driving your car while it's being sold, but you do have to take people on test drives. They do a lot of additional screening for you, so you know the people who get to you are serious buyers.

    TRED is only available in Seattle and Portland, so if you're in one of those areas, try listing with them and you only pay their flat $499 fee if it sells!

100% Online Services

No matter where you are, get a great offer without leaving your couch!
  • Carvana

    Fill out your vehicle's info online using their "Cardian Angel" tool and instanty get an offer to sell or trade-in your vehicle to Carvana. They're in 33 major markets and expanding rapidly - some locations are less convenient than others and require you to drive to one of their nearest hubs, but they really focus on making the process seamless for the consumer.

    Carvana offers tend to be on the higher side compared to the other businesses out there, and it's a no-obligation, free offer that you can get from home. They do a good job of explaining exactly what affects the value of your car, so the process is about as transparent as it gets. Carvana is a great option, especially if you want to trade for one of the many vehicles they have in stock!

  • Vroom

    Selling your car to Vroom is similar to Carvana - it's about the same amount of work as filling out any of the other online forms and requires your VIN, answers to a few questions, and some pictures. In no time at all (literally minutes from our experience), you'll get a cash offer in your inbox that's good for 7 days and, if you accept the offer, you can have them pick up the car and they'll deposit the money straight into your account.

    In our opinion, Vroom is a great option, so definitely give them a try the next time you're selling your vehicle!

Listing Sites

You want the most for your car, we get it.
But were you aware of all of these sites?
  • Craigslist

    This is the option that everyone knows about and typically tries, so here are some tips that might help make your craigslist experience a little easier:

    • Take the time to post good pictures, and make sure the best picture is uploaded first! This is what buyers will see first, especially if they're just scrolling through the gallery view.
    • Put enough info in the ad, and organize it with a list of bullet points. You don't need to include every last detail about the car, but telling prospective buyers exactly what the vehicle is and hitting the main points in an easy-to-read bullet point list will increase the number of calls you get.
    • Only accept cash. Tell you prospective buyers this upfront so they know to bring cash (or meet at the bank), but this is a must when dealing with private parties.

  • Posting on, Autotrader, and others...

    We're not going to tell you that it's not worth posting anywhere else, especially with all of the new classifieds like LetGo, OfferUp, and even Facebook Marketplace, but you'll definitely get the most views on craigslist. If you're worried about scams or the safety of craigslist, then we'd recommend using one of the services above. If you want to show your vehicle to a larger audience, then post to these sites as well, but we wouldn't recommend choosing one of these sites instead of craigslist.

  • Blinker

    Blinker is the new kid on the block, but shows a lot of promise. They make posting even easier for the seller - take one picture of your license plate and everything else gets filled in automatically - and are able to make the entire process safer and more trusted for both parties. Blinker uses technology to create a better way for buying and selling cars between private parties, the only downside is that everyone isn't using it yet.